Pegasus Process Solutions can provide a suite of services that will take the difficulty out of managing your process control and instrumentation needs. We have the expertise to source the best products for the job from companies with a reputation for quality and reliability.

PPS has decades of experience in instrumentation and process control which means that our customers can rely on the advice given and products recommended. Wth so many variables in instruments and sensors, one wrong choice can be an expensive mistake. With the right information, Pegasus Process Solutions will be able to make the best choice from all these options.

Replacement of failed instruments or upgrading existing products can also be difficult, particularly if the unit being replaced is old and there is little or no documentation about it. PPS can accurately and reliably query the product and find out its parameters to replace it with its modern equivalent or something more versatile.

Pegasus Process Solutions supplies, installs, calibrates and commissions instruments and sensors from the following product categories:

  • Flow
  • Level
  • Weight
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Liquid Analysis
  • Atmosphere
  • Motion & Position
  • Valves
  • System Components & Accessories

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