About Us

Pegasus Process Solutions is a reliable Western Australian-owned company which specialises in supplying process measurement instrumentation and automation. As our client, you’ll benefit from our ability to address your specific application needs with tailored measurement solutions. We offer an extensive range of innovative products designed to optimise processes in terms of economic efficiency, safety, and environmental impact. Our offerings cover flow, level, pressure, temperature, analytics, and recording, along with a comprehensive selection of valves and accessories.

Our clients come from various industries, including water and wastewater management, food and beverages, pharmaceutical science, mining and minerals, chemical, oil and gas, marine, and others.

We have gained extensive of experience and knowledge in applications across various industries, which are integrated into our diverse product portfolio, engineered solutions, and services. If you cannot find a matching measurement solution for your application, please feel free to contact us. Pegasus serves as the exclusive official agent and distributor for numerous global instrument manufacturers. Additionally, many of our main line products are kept ex-stock in Perth, ensuring fast deliveries across the entire Australian market.

Contact us at sales@pegasusprocess.com.au for more information.

Our Vision and Goal


Our Mission

At Pegasus, we are dedicated to supplying high quality innovative process control instrumentation, along with professional technical advice, support, and service to our customers.

Our Vision

We are a successful family-owned company with high quality standards. As an industry leader in process instrumentation and automation, customers across Australia trust our products, solutions, and services to improve their processes and ensure sustainable product outcomes. 

Our Goal

Instrumentation for maximum safety and reliability in every application. Pegasus strives to provide innovative measurement technology that is easy to install and operate whilst delivering maximum security and reliability. As production processes become increasingly complex, we work to ensure the measurement technology that is used to control and monitor processes remains clear and straightforward. 

Our History and Independence

Pegasus Process Solutions was founded in 2012 by Jozef Chudy and John Watts. We are a family-owned company based in Western Australia. The company represents many international companies and manufacturers that offer a wide range of engineered custom built automation solutions.

Our Employees

Our company culture is built around personal responsibility, a sense of mutual respect, and non-hierarchical communications structures. Each employees is expected to contribute to our success through their work and achieve the best possible results within their remit.