ARF 200/ARF 202 Flow-Through Fitting

Stainless steel flow-through fitting with a singular sensor location. It’s a compact flow-through fitting designed for measurement, preferably in bypass. An adapter enables connecting sensors using various mounting techniques. Constructed from stainless steel, the fitting is suitable for high pressures and temperatures.


  • Stainless steel 1.4571
  • For sensors with G 1” or NPT 1” connection
  • With adapter for sensors with PG 13.5 connection
  • With adapter for fittings with G 11/4” Ingold socket
  • Flow direction 90 °
  • Process connection via cutting ring coupling (ARF 200) or female G 1/4” thread(ARF 202) NPT 1” female thread (ARF 202/NPT)

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