Company Overview

Binder has been supplying leading plant manufacturers with innovative systems for industrial gas flow measurement for decades. They are well-known for their efficient control valves for aeration air in sewage treatment plants and smart control systems for air supply and distribution into different tanks.

Instrument Pressure Regulators

In vessels, reactors, centrifuges, or stirred vessels in the process industry, liquids are often blanketed with an inert gas atmosphere to prevent oxidation, contamination, or to ensure explosion protection. Depending on the application and requirements, various regulators in corrosion-resistant materials are used for pressures ranging from 1 mbar to 20 bar. These are mainly self-acting mechanical regulators that operate independently of auxiliary energy, such as pressure regulators for reduction, excess pressure, differential pressure, and negative pressure, as well as breather vents for positive and negative pressure.

Vacomass® Measurement & Aeration Control System

The modular design of the VACOMASS® measuring and control system operates on the building block principle. It can function as a single component or a complete system in sewage treatment plants. In its most basic setup, it consists of an air flow meter or a control valve. The system can be one single local control loop for oxygen supply only. Alternatively, it can be a complex system of 20 or more control loops, including advice of required header pressure setpoint, flow simulation using CFD Tools to optimise the measuring and control pipe section, and many further functions for improved nitrogen removal and diffuser maintenance.

Combimass® Gas Analysis

COMBIMASS® comprises of an extensive range of components designed for measuring gas quantity and gas quality. Various versions of gas analysers are available for the biogas and synthesis gas sectors. These include portable options (GA-m) or stationary models (GA-s hybrid eco, hybrid premium, hybrid syngas) for operation in indoor or outdoor installations in a safe room (non- EX). An EX version for zone 2 is also available, for use in extreme weather conditions. Analyser stations with particularly small measuring ranges and special processes are also available for exhaust air and for the monitoring of membrane roofs.

Combimass® Gas Flow Meter

Under the name COMBIMASS®, numerous products are available. These include various types of gas flow meters and gas analysers. The COMBIMASS® flow meters are available for non-combustible gases (basic, without ATEX), for a large number of industrial gases and gas mixtures (eco, ATEX Zone 0 – 2), special versions for biogas applications (eco-bio+), and gases from wood gasification plants (syngas). Multiple sensor systems for large pipes and rectangular ducts complete the product range (multi).