NIVELCO Announces New Additions to the PiloTREK W–200 80 GHz Radar Level Transmitter Family

It has been almost a year since NIVELCO’s integrated PiloTREKWP–200 models of 80 GHz radar level gauges were released.

These IP66/IP68 certified devices are ideal for general industrial use, especially in water treatment. Through continuous development, the range has been expanded to include PTFE and integrated PVDF versions for applications in the oil and chemical industries. The WP–200 family will soon receive its explosion protection certificate.

The new family of 80 GHz radar level transmitters is expanded to include the compact PiloTREK WE–200 series and its accessories. As usual from NIVELCO, the compact housing with screw connection for individual cabling will also be available in this product line in the materials plastic (PBT), aluminum and stainless steel (1.4571). The compact version with 1″ or 1½” antenna and process connection remains available. The selection of antennas is also expanded with the 2½” (Ø75mm) antenna, which supports a measurement distance of up to 30 m (98.4 ft). This version will be available in integrated and compact devices with housing. The 2½” (Die The Ø75 mm version is primarily used in bulk solids measurement due to its higher antenna gain. Regardless of this, the maximum measuring distance that can be achieved in practice depends heavily on the dielectric constant, the grain size and the cone angle of the measuring medium. The 80 GHz technology is suitable better for measuring granules with larger particle sizes due to the short wavelength of the microwaves.

Of the compact models, the PiloTREKWEP–200 with a plastic housing and covered antenna is the first on the market to combine the compact plastic housing with the proven covered RF antenna of the integrated WP–200 design. This cost-effective combination allows the use of integrated dot matrix LCD (SAP–300) and push buttons on IP67 models with compact housing. All other parameters related to the applications are the same as the integrated versions.

This is followed almost immediately by the PiloTREK WES–200 family with an aluminum housing and an antenna made of stainless steel (1.4571). Due to the stainless steel antenna, these devices can handle a much larger process pressure and temperature range. The currently planned pressure range is 1…25 bar (-14.5…+362.6 psi) (-1…3 bar [-14.5…43.5 psi] for the integrated variant), the temperature range is -40… +180 °C (–40…+356°F) for the high-temperature version (–40…+80°C [–40…+176°F] for the integrated version).

In addition to expanding the model range of the PiloTREKW–200, they have also come up with innovations to improve functionality. One of the most important will be the integrated Bluetooth® interface with the associated configuration application called MobileEView , which will be available for Android and iOS. Another new function for the compact versions will be the optional RS485 Modbus interface instead of the 4…20mA/HART® analog output. Because it is a 4-wire system, it can operate from a supply voltage of 8V, which is ideal for battery-powered applications. Of course, other products, such as the MicroTREK HT–700 , also have Modbus and Bluetooth® options.

NIVELCO’s medium-term development goals include broader support for isolated installations over a 2-3 year time frame. It is planned to integrate long-distance wireless data transmission (e.g. GSM, Lora, etc.) into the PiloTREK W–200 level transmitter, supplemented by an integrated battery management function, an optional external or built-in battery and a solar system panel.

Pegasus is proud to partner with NIVELCO as they continue to release new innovative products to help us optimise our customer’s business processes.

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