Portavo 904 X Cond

Portable, sturdy process analyser for conductivity measurement in hazardous locations. Ideal for applications in the process industry. Portavo 904 X Cond makes it possible to check process measuring points directly on site. Memosens or analog conductivity sensors can be connected to the Portavo.


  • Sensor quiver protects the sensor from damage
  • The sturdy housing with IP66/67 protection is also suitable for outdoor use.
  • Data logger with 5,000 values
  • Micro USB port and Paraly SW 112 operating software
  • Mineral glass screen can still be read perfectly after many years
  • Use in hazardous locations
  • User management for access control
  • Sensor verification for clear assignment of the sensor to the device via sensor type, TAG, or group
  • Temperature detector adjustment in the Memosens sensor (offset correction)
  • Memosens sensors or analog sensors for conductivity measurement can be used with one device
  • Can be used with toroidal conductivity sensors with Memosens protocol

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