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StikoStainless steel pressure gauge PBX100XASIDIN0-100,160, 250, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1600100
Direct bottom 1/2"NPT M2500, 4000, 6000, 10000kPa
DwyerPhotoehelic Pressure gauge switch A3000-60PA-240V1
DwyerMagnehelic 2000-250 Pa pressure DP gauge8
DwyerA605 ait fliter kit for mahnehelic8
E+HDTT31-A1A111AA2CAB flow switch6mm x 100, 3 wire switch , displaym M124
E+HSS slide on compression fittingBSP/NPT, 6mm ID, for 6mm OD sensors1
WikaNo 68182934 TR33 compact temperature sensor/transmitter, G1/2", 65mm, 4-20mA, M123
E+H TR10-AFA1CDSDBA1E0Display, 1/2"NPT, 160mm, twell1
Temperature transmitter sensorSS, Profibus PA, RTD 3 wire
E+HTR10-AFA1CDSDKA1E0Display, 1/2"NPT, 160mm, twell1
Temperature transmitter sensorSS, 4-20mA HART , RTD 3 wire
E+HTMT162-76E5/101 - TMT162-P22231BAATemperature Indictaing transmitter IEC Ex3
4-20mA HART, Dipslay, IP66/67
SmarKrohne LCD-H30 BU/14/L3/P0/T4/Y31
PN 4003435201Temperature indictaing transmitter with RTD
SmarSmar TT-301-12-IABU/14/L3/P0/TD/Y33
Temperature indictaing transmitter with RTD
IFMTN2445 temperature switch transdmitter2
SmarDP Pressure xmitterLD301D-41I-T0187-A12 intelligent DP pressure indicating transmitter 0 to 2500 kpaDP8
SmarPressure xmitterLD291 intelligent pressure indicating transmitter 0 to 50 kpa adjustable25
LD291M-21I-11-A2/I4, 0-50 KPa, LCD, SS, NPTF
E+HPressure xmitterCerabar M PMP51-3K782/0 pressure transmitter1/2"BSP, 0 to 40bar adj , blind, Ip671
VegaPressure xmitterVergabar B82.IXDVDAGCSZXKIMAXpressure transmitter2
EmersonPressure xmitterEmerson 3051T pressure transmitter3051TG3A2B21BB4M4Q4A02101
SiemensSiemens LU240 ultrasonic level xmitter7ML51101DE074CF1 + Display1
VegaVegason 61 Ultrasonic level transmitterSNG1XXAGPAMAX1
Profibus PA, 5 mtr liquids, PVDF, Display
KrohneOptiwave 6400C radar level transmitterVFDC4D60000212410150GP00001
KrohneOptiswitch 5240C, 2"Triclamp, 700mm, SS, VF16CACAPXPN vibrating fork level switch15
KrohneType LS7230 M16 conductivity level switch1
E+HFTL50H-GGQ2AC8D3A vibrating fork levelNamur, IEC , Exi, G3/4; SS short forks1
NivelcoVGM-150-8ExNon contact radar level transmitter1Second hand
NivelcoHBS-420-4 , 1.6 mtr SS rod antennaNivelco TDR radar level tranmsitter2New/Second hand
NivelcoTDR radar level tranmsitter1New/Second hand
NivelcoTDR radar level tranmsitter1New/Second hand
P+FKFA6-SR2-4-EX1 240VAC, ampl.relay4
NivelcoPGK-301A IEC exi barrier for 2 wire 4-20mA instruments10
Siemens 3UF7000-1AB00-01
BETAPressure switchC2-P506H-S2N-B1-K1Pressure switch, 0.5 to 9 bar adj set point1
BETA Pressure switchW3-P508H-S1N-S1-K1Pressure switch 0.7 to 21.5 bar adj set point2
E+HPressure switchPTC31B-AA4M1HGCVWJA+RM 0 to 100 kpa 3 wire, 1/2"NPT, IP67, M12, P.switch, display1
NivelcoPressure switchDKC-3A2-9 pressure switch 0 to 1000 kpaM12,Display, SS, 3 wire1
IFMPressure switchPN2028IFM PT+PS 0 to 0.25Bar, G1/4", SS, display1
IFMPressure switchPN2027IFM PT+PS 0 to 1 bar, G1/4", SS, Display1
KrohneMag flow meterOptiflux 2050C-25, Dn25, Table D, 24VDC, Basic IO3
KrohneMag flow meterOptiflux 2300C-25, Dn25, Compact, 2
KrohneMag flow meterOptiflux 4100W-20, Dn20, Compact1
KrohneMag flow meterOptiflux 2050C-50, Dn50 , Table D, PP, HC, Basic IO, 24VDC, Compact2
KrohneMag flow meterOptiflux 2050C-50, Dn50, Table E , PP, HC,Basic IO, 24VDC, Compact2
KrohneMag flow meterOptiflux 4300CX-125, Dn125, ANSI150, PFA, HC, Bssic I/O, 24VDC, Compact 1
KrohneMag flow meterOptiflux 2100C-100, Dn100, Compact, Table E, 2