Plug Valves

Resilient Seated Plug Valve DN80-DN300 Model K-PV1


  • The eccentric design allows the rubber encapsulated ductile iron plug to rotate away from the seat as soon as movement commences
  • The FBE coated body, welded 316 stainless steel seat and heat encapsulated plug provide excellent corrosion resistance and performance
  • The flow area provides effective throttling performance for water, waste water with solids, sludge and slurries
  • The flow area is no less than 80% of the pipe area
  • The rubber encapsulated disc standard material is EPDM with additional options of NBR and Neoprene to suit the customer’s medium requirements
  • The Nickel welded 316 grade Stainless Steel seat is a minimum of 3mm
  • All internal and external coatings comply to AS4158 making the product suitable for potable water usage
  • Mounting Flange complies with ISO5211 allowing for direct mounting
  • The plug rotates in a permanently lubricated Alloy Bronze bearing located under the cover
  • The “V” design rubber packing effectively reduces maintenance time and silt/debris ingress
  • Face to face dimensions conform to AS5752
  • When the plug is in the fully closed position it is pressed firmly into the seat by the medium allowing it to be drip tight