Ceramat WA 150

Inline version with application-specific process connection


  • Plug & play for all process media thanks to central multiplug
  • Corrosion-proof design with smooth surfaces
  • All maintenance work possible on site
  • Drive easy to replace under process conditions
  • Cyclone rinsing for optimum cleaning effect
  • Cavity rinsing for accurate measured values and improved hygiene
  • Sensor dismount guard in conjunction with Uniclean 900/Unical 9000
  • Superior sensor immersion depth
  • Standard sensor length (225 mm)
  • Special version for electrodes with pressurizable liquid electrolyte (for 250 mm-sensors with electrolyte reservoir)
  • Wetted outer body PVDF or PEEK,carbon fiber-reinforced
  • Measurement with optical sensors(Ø 12 mm or 1/2”)

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